Hi C Fruiters! We are back to delivering daily. *subject to availability & mother nature

What makes us special? We see C Fruit & Fresh differently!

C Fruit sell & deliver fresh & frozen fruit, berries, vegetable boxes, Usana Pasture Free Range Eggs, Prime Wagyu, Karoo Lamb, Buttanut, Schoon Breads, Spice & all thing Nice Staples,  Simply Granola, Mamere Luxury Handmade Sweet Confectioneries & Mamamacs Rusks & Biscuits and more!


Our business was founded, and continues to operate, on the foundation of creating fair, sustainable, economic and developmental opportunities for all stakeholders in the value chain. 

Since we were founded in 2017 we have been able to:

  • capture value that was bleeding in the value chain and grow significantly with the supply of fresh, frozen and dried berries across South Africa
  •  create stable employment opportunities for 15 new team members at our Cape Town Packshed (all of whom were previously unemployed) and up to 1000 new seasonal worked have been employed with our growers across South Africa to pick our amazing berries!
  • afford our staff salary/wage increases and more leave time to take better care of their families, and
  • deliver more value and drive returns to our growers (both large and small), enabling them to look after their staff, grow their projects and derive more benefit from the extraordinary amount of dedication, resources and time they commit.

Even though we are still a relatively small company, and our impact (in numbers) remains limited due to our size - we are extremely grateful for the contributions we have been able to make to our community.

As we move into 2020, we are looking forward to welcoming more flagship growers to the C fruit family with over 25 ha of blueberries coming into production. We will also be moving further into the foray of exports but our domestic supply will remain a key focus. 

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.- Henry Ford